Protecting Your Home Based Business

Many unique needs. One Price & Ramey.

With so many of us working from home this past year, you may have found yourself with a new business operating out of your garage, or perhaps you got rid of your storefront and took your operations online. No matter the case, if you run your business out of your home, it is important to have the coverage you need. Your standard home insurance won’t cover your business operations, leaving you susceptible to risk without this additional line of insurance.

In addition to your homeowners insurance and your standard business coverage, additional home based business coverage can be necessary. 

Business Property

Your homeowners’ insurance will not cover damage or loss of business property including equipment, technology, files, and so forth. Your business could have to pay out-of-pocket for property damage, employee injuries, and critical data loss. 

Legal Claims

Home liability insurance will not cover any legal claims made against your business related to onsite issues or operational liabilities. 

Commercial Auto

If you use your personal vehicle for operations related to your home based business, you want to ensure your auto policy is shifted to include commercial auto coverage to protect yourself from damages. 

Additional Coverage

By working with a local independent agency, like Price & Ramey Insurance, you will build a relationship with your agent. As your business grows and expands, your coverage needs will change. Have an agent on your side from day 1 to ensure you are always protected. 

You know better than anyone that your business is unique. Your coverage should be unique as well! By working with an independent agent, you are working with a trusted advisor. Agents at Price & Ramey can provide you with quotes from dozens of insurance carriers to ensure you have the best policy for your unique needs. 

Don’t wait for a claim to find out your insurance won’t cover you–talk to an agent today and get your home based business insurance filed.