Our Team

Meet the team working behind the scenes to bring you expert coverage.

Keeping You Covered Since 1914

Keeping you, your family, and your business safe and covered is our priority at Price & Ramey Insurance.

Our team operates in four locations throughout East Tennessee. We are your neighbors, and we treat each of our customers with the care and respect they deserve. We hope you will reach out to us directly and let us know how we can help keep you protected from the unexpected.


Linda Nichols, CIC, AAI President / CEO 423-765-9868 lnichols@priceramey.com
Kellie Weaver Director of Operations/Human Resources 423-765-9841 kweaver@priceramey.com
Ben Christian, CIC C/L Sales Mgr 423-765-9855 bchristian@priceramey.com
David Crawford Life Insurance Sales Mgr 423-765-9875 dcrawford@priceramey.com
Regina Fields-Tackett Health/Benefits Sales Mgr 423-765-9965 rfields@priceramey.com
Cara Schoettes Marketing Director 423-765-9869 cschoettes@meaa4u.com
Debbie Davis Controller 423-765-9924 ddavis@priceramey.com

Kingsport Office

Faye Ashley, CIC, CISR P/L Acct Mgr 423-765-9865 fashley@priceramey.com
Dennis Beamer Sales 423-342-2754 dbeamer@priceramey.com
Matt Blevins Life Sales 423-765-9919 mblevins@priceramey.com
Lisa Brown, CISR C/L Marketing 423-765-9844 lbrown@priceramey.com
Sharon Coffey C/L Acct Tech 423-765-9851 scoffey@priceramey.com
Becky France C/L Acct Tech 423-765-9926 bfrance@priceramey.com
Jenny Gregg C/L Acct Tech 423-765-9917 jgregg@priceramey.com
Pamela Hass, CISR C/L Acct Mgr 423-765-9843 phass@priceramey.com
Gloria Helle, CISR P/L Acct Tech 423-765-9846 ghelle@priceramey.com
Donna Hensley Receptionist 423-765-9859 dhensley@priceramey.com
Tammie King Sales 865-940-5070 tking@priceramey.com
Josh McMillan Sales 423-765-9861 jmcmillan@priceramey.com
Paula Moody P/L Acct Mgr 423-765-9857 pmoody@priceramey.com
Jenny Southerland C/L Acct Mgr 423-765-9923 jsoutherland@priceramey.com
Kim Staten Benefit Sales/Service 423-765-9858 kstaten@priceramey.com
Van VanEaton Benefits Account Producer 423-765-9963 vvaneaton@priceramey.com
Julia Williams Employee Benefit Acct Mgr 423-279-5298 jWilliams@priceramey.com

Elizabethton Office

Dawn Carcich C/L Acct Mgr 423-342-2758 dCarcich@priceramey.com
Letha Stricklin P/L Acct Mgr 423-342-2750 lstricklin@priceramey.com
Bobbie Tranovsky P/L Acct Mgr 423-279-5297 bTranovsky@priceramey.com

Morristown/Jefferson City

Brett Bivens Sales 865-940-5066 bbivens@priceramey.com
Larry Bolton Trucking Sales 423-714-2067 lbolton@priceramey.com
Heather Caudill, CISR P/L Acct Mgr 423-714-2063 hcaudill@priceramey.com
Gary Chesney Sales 423-714-2070 gchesney@priceramey.com
Cynthia Gregg C/L Account Manager 423-714-2064 cgregg@priceramey.com
Victor King C/L Retention Specialist 865-441-2791 vking@priceramey.com
Richard McGowan, CIC, AAI C/L Retention Specialist 865-940-5064 rmcgowan@priceramey.com
Karen Nobles C/L Acct Mgr 865-940-5069 knobles@priceramey.com
Angie Strange C/L Acct Mgr 865-940-5062 astrange@priceramey.com

Tazewell Office

Kim McNabb P/L Account Mgr 423-626-2886 kmcnabb@priceramey.com
Kendra Nunn, CISR C/L Account Mgr 423-626-2701 knunn@priceramey.com
Linda Wylie P/L Acct Mgr 423-626-7998 lwylie@priceramey.com

Bristol Office

Tanner Carter Sales 423-765-99625 tcarter@priceramey.com
Chris Daniel C/L Account Manager 423-279-5900 cdaniel@priceramey.com
Jeff Sneed Account Executive 423-765-9925 jsneed@priceramey.com
Laurel Smith, CISR P/L Account Manager 423-765-9913 Ext. 605 lsmith@priceramey.com

Johnson City Office

Patrick Ayllon C/L Acct Mgr 423-342-2755 payllon@priceramey.com
Melanie Bowman Sales 423-765-9927 mbowman@priceramey.com
Hayleigh Whited-Davis P/L Acct Tech 423-342-2756 hdavis@priceramey.com
Rachael Bates Sales 423-282-8888 rbates@priceramey.com

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