The 5 Types of Insurance

Many unique needs. One Price & Ramey.

There are insurance policies for everything you can imagine, so how do you know what policies you really need? Let’s break down some of the biggest categories of insurance, though it is important to talk to your insurance agent about your specific needs before purchasing a policy. 


Types of Policies: Home | Auto | Life | Disability

What it protects against: These policy lines protect you and your family from accidents and more. Typical policies will financially cover accidents caused on your property, by you/your family, or to you/your family. Things like car accidents, house fires, theft, death, and so on are covered, as well as if you were unable to work after the accident. 

Who needs it: Most everyone who drives, owns property, rents property, or gets their income from regular work.


Types of Policies: Whole Life | Term Life | Annuities | Return of Premium Life

What it protects against: In the case of death, a lump sum of financial protection is paid to the insurers beneficiary. 

Who needs it: Everyone


Types of Policies: Dental | Vision | Medicare

What it protects against: Coverage includes both routine and unexpected medical expenses.

Who needs it: Everyone


Types of Policies: Business Owners | Workers’ Compensation | Commercial Auto | Data Breach

What it protects against: Accident and loss regarding your business. Policies protect business owners from financial loss due to accidents on your property, with your employees, due to potential lawsuits. Also protecting your physical business property and assets from natural disasters, leaft, and more.

Who needs it: Business Owners


Types of Policies: Employee Health Plans | HR Programs | Group Dental & Vision | Ancillary Benefits | Group Life | Group Short & Long Term Disability

What it protects against: Offer plans for employers to provide benefits to employees. 

Who needs it: Businesses, usually managed by a Human Resources Representative

The only thing we can be certain of is that nothing is certain. You can’t plan for the unexpected, so keeping yourself, your family, your business, and your employees covered is crucial. Find an insurance agency you can trust today and make sure you have the best policies in place for your needs.